Find A Hike

A-Z Trail, NH

We have categorized our hikes into a number of categories:

  • Casual Hikes
    • Easy hikes, strolls, can be completed in a few hours or less.
  • Day Hikes
    • More moderate hikes, taking a good chunk of the day to complete
  • Multi-Day Hikes
    • Hikes that include overnight and typically includes big mileage.
  • Destination Hikes
    • Hikes to remote locations

Mountain Rating System

We rate all of our hikes on the following attribute on a 1-5 rating scale:

Scenery: 5= constant views & complete isolation. 1= no views and potentially near civilization
Difficulty: 5= special gear required. 1= sneakers and a water bottle will get you there.
Trial Quality: 5= pristine trail, clearly marked. 1= will require bushwhacking & trail not marked well
Uniqueness: 5= you will see things you see no where else. 1= typical hike for the region